A mistake or not?


December 11, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

Another college newspaper, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Post, has decided to go online-only.

That led community college newspaper adviser Tony Rogers to blog that killing the print edition is a mistake. 


One thought on “A mistake or not?

  1. Mark Thomas says:

    I think Tony is right. The only factoid I would correct is there aren’t 1,300 papers.

    There are more than 8,000 papers in the U.S. There are 191 papers in Oklahoma and over 300 in Wisconsin; nearly 500 in two relatively small states. There are almost 700 papers in Texas, and over 800 in California, and Illinois, and New York. But his point is accurate. Why would a paper hire a student that has never worked at a paper?

    Papers have multi-media options and many opportunities for students to use their tech skills. But those options and opportunities have to be paid for, and the print paper profits pay for most of those things.

    Maybe their circulation is down because the content wasn’t compelling. Maybe revenues are down because students weren’t taught how to sell advertising (which is difficult when the content isn’t compelling). Going online-only doesn’t solve either of those problems. It just makes poor content available in an easy-to-ignore format with very little revenue to support the effort.

    In a few months when UW-Milwaukee student editors don’t get a paycheck because online revenues are not there they’ll begin to understand. That’s good. College is a learning environment.

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