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November 29, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

Thanks to Student Media staff assistant Jennifer Crowder, the results are in from the Dot Democracy exercise conducted Nov. 14 in the union (with additional votes cast by Student Media student staff the next day).

Of the seven “scenarios” presented for the future of The Oklahoma Daily, the favorite among this small group was Scenario 3: Drop One/Rebrand One. It got 21 votes. That scenario proposed dropping from five to four print editions a week and rebranding the end-of-week paper as a “weekender.” The second favorite scenario was No. 4: The New Orleans Model, with 13 votes. It proposed going to three print editions a week.

On the other end, Scenario 7: The Orange County Register Model, got no votes at all. That’s the one that proposed focusing mostly on five print editions a week. Scenario 1: Enhanced Status Quo, got only two. It suggested staying with five print editions but with more marketing and content partnerships with Gaylord College.

Comments were interesting too. Here are a few:

  • A 5 day a week paper is too much for me, I would rather grab a newspaper once or twice a week and have a greater amount of info on those to read in one sitting.
  •  Dropping one cuts costs and Friday would bring a new flavor to the Daily.  I believe it would be a big hit for people who don’t care about the news.
  • Having one “training day” a week is genius.  While there is somehting to be said for leaning by doing, having a training day fleshes out the experience, making it a more fulfilling, internship-style experience.
  • I like the idea of an emphasis on the website.. Spice it up!

Read more comments here.

Check out the voting here.

This exercise was extremely helpful in crystallizing the options for us and for our stakeholders. However, we are not satisfied with the limited participation. The solution? We’ve decided to turn the “dot democracy” exercise into a survey that we will send out soon (next week?) to the full OU community. Watch for it — and vote!


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