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October 19, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

Here is the text of a news release sent to local media today announcing the postponement of the fourth roundtable discussion:



Judy Gibbs Robinson

OU Student Media

860 Van Vleet Oval, Room 160

Norman, OK 73019-2052

Ph: 405-325-2842


NORMAN, Okla. – The fourth and final roundtable discussion in a study of University of Oklahoma campus media has been postponed so participants will be able to discuss results of a student survey.

The last roundtable had been scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 24, in the Associates Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. The new time and date will depend on room availability but likely will be during the week of Nov. 5, said Brian Ringer, director of Student Media at OU.

The discussions are part of a semester-long self study by OU Student Media called “Imagine the Future: Campus Media in a Digital Age.” The study’s goal is to help the department determine the best future course for the 96-year-old daily newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, and its website,

Three previous roundtable discussions starting Sept. 25 have focused on how the OU community gets campus news and information; the plusses and minuses of print and digital news, and the role of social media.

At roundtable four, those findings will be summarized and participants will get to “vote” on the strengths and weaknesses of various scenarios for the future, including digital and social media enhancements, printing schedules and frequency, and new products.

Another component of the study is a digital survey of all OU students, which should provide a broader sample of student opinion, Ringer said. The survey is scheduled for electronic distribution Oct. 19 and will remain in the collection stage through Nov. 2.

“If we wait for those results, we may find students have come up with additional scenarios,” Ringer said.

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