A special event


October 16, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

All current employees of OU Student Media are invited to attend a special meeting at 1 p.m. Friday (Oct. 19) in the newsroom.

At the meeting, students will help pro staff weigh what we’ve learned so far in the “Imagine” study and then break it down into possible options for what the Daily should become in the future.

Here are my ideas:

1. Status quo. Do nothing.
2. Enhanced status quo. Keep trying to do and be everything but with an aggressive marketing plan, a recognition that we need to partner with the college more to get content, and new social initiatives to get readers involved.
3. Drop one. The Daily would drop one print edition a week, becoming a four-day weekly. The dropped day would become a training day to get students the digital skills they need.
4. New Orleans model. The Daily would print three editions a week while beefing up the website. This would require newsroom reorganization and a Web-first focus, with print placed at the end of the process.
4. Oregon model. The Daily would print twice a week, a news edition and a sports/weekender. Again, a beefed up website and a search for new digital products.
5. Georgia model. The Daily would become a weekly in print with most efforts going to create and maintain a robust, rich, essential 24/7 website.
Those are my thoughts. Bring yours to Friday’s meeting or post them to this blog or the study blog.

2 thoughts on “A special event

  1. Mark Thomas says:

    How about changing “status quo – do nothing” (which is never inspiring to college students that want to change the world) to “Transform the Daily to a rich, robust, essential news and information source that is easily accessible to everyone and improve the social media options and website to create constant conversation and dialogue between everyone in the university community.” If that is the status quo, then do nothing. If not, why not?

    • Judy Gibbs Robinson says:

      You are right, Mark. But I called that “Status Quo Enhanced.” We can probably delete “Status Quo” from the list.

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