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October 14, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

It is the eve of the third roundtable discussion, and I’m still adding, subtracting and tweaking the questions we’ll use to drive the discussion. The topic is social media, and there’s so much we would like to know and so little time to get to it all. So what is most important? Weigh in and let me know what you think. Here’s my working list:

ROUNDTABLE 3: Questions

  1. Do you follow any OUDaily.com accounts on Twitter or Facebook? Why or why not? If you aren’t currently a follower, what would change that?
  2. Do you feel The Oklahoma Daily is successful in using social media to engage readers in a conversation about the news? Why or why not?
  3. Do you use social media to recommend news stories to friends and if so, how frequently? Do you read news stories sent to you by friends via social media?  Explain.
  4. Would you be likely to use a social reader app for the Daily? Why or why not?
  5. Would you be interested enough to visit the website if OUDaily.com reported readership trends for its stories as the Wall Street Journal does with its Social Pulse?
  6. How likely would you be to read and/or contribute ideas or tips if The Daily published its daily news budget online?


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