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September 25, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

We got some really good feedback today at the first roundtable discussion of our study, Imagine the Future: Campus Media in a Digital Age. The Governors Room in the union was a bit loud (construction! catering trollies!) but the size was right and the union’s cookies were delicious.

The topic was “How do you know what’s going on on campus?” While the answers bore no real surprises, the participants were thoughtful, sincere and clearly well informed through The Daily, sidewalk chalk, outreach by individual organizations, email and social media.

We learned there is a real need for an integrated calendar of events at OU, and we heard that students like to peruse headlines and short summaries online but will actually read longer stories in the newspaper.

But turnout wasn’t what we had hoped for: 15 students. Here’s the demographic breakdown:

  • 91 percent female
  • 45 percent 19 years old; 27 percent 20 years old
  • 64 percent white
  • 45 percent live in apartments; 36 percent in greek houses
  • 82 percent are students
  • 64 percent are sophomores
  • 73 percent are in the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication

We’re still taking comments via this blog. Here were the three main questions discussed today, so let us know what you think:

  1.  In what ways can you access news and information to learn what is going on in and around the OU community? Are these adequate?”
  2. What obstacles or barriers prevent community members from accessing news and information about OU?
  3. Is the student voice on campus adequately represented in the various media offerings discussed in Question 1? Has the student voice been strengthened, weakened or stayed the same as more news and information services have become available?





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