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August 1, 2012 by Judy Gibbs Robinson

The (academic) summer is nearly over, and the fall editors are starting to trickle back into the newsroom from their summer internships, travel and jobs. That means time is running out to finalize plans for this “Imagine the Future” study.

We are making progress. Here are some of the key developments:

  • The journalism faculty in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication agreed to fund a visiting journalist to give a public speech to kick off our study. (Thank you, colleagues!) The speech will be visionary, which is just what this study hopes to be.
  • It took some effort, but we did get an amazing journalist with a national reputation for innovation to agree to come make that keynote address in September. I’ll leave it to The Daily to break the details once everything is confirmed.
  • Susan Atkinson, a planner with the City of Norman, came to our Student Media pro staff meeting on July 11 and gave us excellent advice on how to engage a big community in imagining future change. The city has been doing just that with a series of meetings about high-density development. The city’s round-table meetings will serve as a template for part of our study.
  • On Friday, July 27, Daily summer editor Chris Lusk and I had the opportunity to explain our study plans and get advice from our peers at the Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association Advisers and Editors Workshop at The Oklahoman. Mark Thomas, executive director of the Oklahoma Press Association, offered the OPA’s help to make sure we consider the financial implications of any future changes. We’ve gratefully accepted and look forward to their help.


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